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A Little About Myself

I have been working in the Fashion Industry for almost a decade now. Originally from Dallas, I bring my unique, multi-cultural view of the world into my clothing. I have found my specialty in project management, public relations, digital brand management and search engine marketing.

Work History

Managerial experience within the luxury fashion industry, focused on project management and media communications merging videography and luxury fashion as digital content. Thoroughly manage the processes of all levels of production to organize all the details working alongside film and production crew to achieve the best content for media content consumption.

What I see in the future: Apparel production / online shopping e-commerce

Logistics and material management; plan and sequence materials so the operations can produced goods and services to meet forecasts and customer demands. Apply planning and managing inventory raw materials, purchased components, working progress and finished goods within the fashion industry from raw material to finished finish product. Preparing my skill set to be a liaisons between China / Southeast Asia manufacturers of a chez de prêt-à-porter or fast fashion company with the "Inditex" business model in mind. With my keen eye and skills in fashion forecasting I am well adept to merchandise on trend for any magazine or visual e-commerce online retailer.

Marketing; brand marketing management and digital communications to apply marketing strategies, such as Consumer Relationship Management (CRM), CRM marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Analytics of digital communications and creative solutions.

Showcase a particular release or project

Every project has a story, and lucky for us; stories tend to make a project more appealing.

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  • People will stop and stare, these clothes are that good! Mr. King understands what we want.
    Elizabeth Hamilton
  • The experience of working with Owen has been overwhelmingly positive.
    Sally Kelly
  • Owen truly listened to everything about my lifestyle and preferences. I have never felt more confident!
    Anna Fernandez

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